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A photo of me during a MTB excursion Welcome to my home page. As you might have already guessed, my name is Fabio Strozzi and I'm a student in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, Italy. These pages will introduce my current interests about information technologies. A section is reserved for the university projects, it may be useful to other CS students. Apart from computers, I practice the Aikido martial art at the Sakura Aikido dojo; as of now, I've taken the third kyu exam. Also, I'm member of the council of the Cinema Teatro Metropolis, the cinema of my town, Bibbiano. As I live on the slopes of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, I spend a lot of time riding my mountain bike on summer time. During the past excursions I took some photos that you might have a look at.

An open source world!

I believe in the Free software, where Free means the freedom (as in "free speech"), and I try to support it as much as possible, using it, developing it and trying to promote the Free software ideal among people. What is different is not only the possibility of accessing the source code, but the very idea of what "software" really is. There is no such a thing as software: software is nothing whitout a phisical support, software cannot be touched, software is not the phisical support which bears it. Moreover, software is subject to duplication like no other product (did you ever think of duplicating a car? Well, even a baby can easly duplicate software). Hence, I think software cannot give in to market's laws (think of the patents) as other products do. In my opinion, software cannot be sold as cars or books are sold; the profit should come only from funding the development. Besides, I think that Free software is a better form of democracy, for it allows fair access to the knowledge, no matter for the social and economical status of people, and it's the very liberty of expressing one's opinion (i.e. changing the source code of a program).


Feel free to write me at this address: My Email address captcha. Download my (gziped) public OpenPGP key or import it from a key server such as hkp://subkeys.pgp.net. The key id is ADCA95C7 and the fingerprint is B445 9A7D 4988 A62C AB8F A66C 0773 0F8A ADCA 95C7.
You might contact me on ICQ, my ICQ number is: My ICQ number captcha.

Last changes: March 30th, 2007

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